Why Use an Independent Celebrant?

Why Use an Independent Celebrant? Katie Keen of True Blue Ceremonies explains.

These days there are an enormous range of venues where you can get married in either a religious or civil ceremony – in fact when you’re planning your wedding it can sometimes be a pretty daunting task doing the initial researching.  It’s certainly the most important factor in your day – once you’ve booked the venue and your chosen wedding date, then all the other arrangements can start to fall into place.  However many engaged couples struggle to find the perfect wedding venue that ticks all their boxes, and perhaps end up choosing somewhere that is not completely perfect for them, simply because they don’t realise there is another option.  The other option is to use an Independent Celebrant!

why use an independent celebrant

Jo and Paul after their Celebrant-led Ceremony with Katie

Perhaps you want something a bit different to the norm?  Maybe you both have a favourite little restaurant or special place where you both met, or love the idea of exchanging your wedding vows on a secluded beach or cliff-top.  You might know someone with a beautiful oak-beamed barn which would be perfect for your ceremony and reception, or how about a wildflower meadow where your guests take part in a truly open air ceremony?   Many people would simply like to get married in front of their closest friends and family in the comfort of their own home or garden.

why use an independent celebrant

Katie laughing with Anne during her garden wedding to Rob

The law in England and Wales states that if you have been resident for at least 7 days here you may marry within a licenced premises (such as a church, chapel, Register Office or any number of approved venues who hold a civil marriage or partnership licence).  But what about that pretty little fishing cove, apple orchard or acre of rolling hillside that you’ve had your eye on?  Can you really get married there?  What if the place you’ve set your heart on doesn’t have a civil licence?

why use an independent celebrant

Rocky & Rhiannon exchanging vows at their hand fasting ceremony with Katie

The answer is that you may hold your Wedding Ceremony wherever you like – all that must happen first is that you both register your marriage completing all the legalities, at your local Register Office first (most offer a short registration with 2 witnesses for around the £50 mark).  Most couples prefer to do this very casually arriving in jeans, and won’t exchange rings or personal promises until what they refer to as their “real wedding”.

And then, the rest is up to you!  You are really only limited by your own imagination when it comes to putting together the ceremony of your dreams.  If you use an Independent Celebrant like me you can personalise your wedding completely, with a bespoke and completely unique script and vows, and of course this can include secular and religious pieces of music or readings.  If you want to do things your way, you absolutely can!

why use an independent celebrant

Katie mid-voice conducting a wedding ceremony for Max and Alison at his family home


The ceremony itself can be exactly what you want it to be, outdoors or inside, drawing many different elements from the modern civil ceremony to the traditional religious one – but without the limitations that are placed on either.

Remember to head over to my FAQ page to get more answers to your questions if you have them.  And why not download my free report to receive even more reasons why you should hire a Celebrant for your wedding!

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