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It’s very interesting that one of the top wedding-related searches on Google is “Personalise your Wedding Ceremony”. Many couples wish to put their own stamp on their big day – starting with their ceremony – and the beauty of hiring an Independent Celebrant to write and conduct your Wedding Ceremony is that the content is absolutely yours to decide. It really is the perfect opportunity to completely personalise your day and make it a little different from everybody else’s!

Couples might simply want to try writing their own wedding vows to one another, or asking a friend to read a particularly meaningful piece of prose or writing – remember this can be a religious text if you’d like – if you’re having a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony you are not bound to those restrictive civil marriage laws as you would be with a Registrar!

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You may also include ritual and symbolism to personalise your Wedding Ceremony – there are so many lovely ideas that you might want to consider for your own day and here are just a few examples that have been used in Ceremonies I’ve written and conducted for my own clients:

Hand Fasting Ceremony – here you can see one of my couples reading their personal vows to one another directly after their mini hand-fasting to celebrate renewing their vows.  You can see their hand-fasting cord bound around their wrists, and this was handmade by them using coloured ribbons.   They told me that their ceremony was “something really personal and meaningful to both of us. It was the ceremony we wish we had had the first time round!”


Rose Ceremony – here are two single stemmed roses which are about to be presented to both mothers of an international couple as part of their English Wedding Ceremony.  Other ideas could be a potted rose bush ready to plant in a garden, or a bouquet of roses (or any other flower for that matter!).  A lovely way to thank your Mum for her unconditional love as a parent.

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Sand Ceremony – this couple got engaged in the Moroccan Desert and were going to be honeymooning in the Arabian Desert, so chose to incorporate this unity symbolism into their bespoke Wedding Ceremony.  I started by pouring a foundation layer of sand at the bottom of the glass vase, after which the Bride and Groom layered the two other colours together in a pattern, signifying that their lives were now intertwined and impossible to part – like the grains of sand.

2014-08-30 11.22.58

Unity Candle Ceremony – this symbolic candle lighting will make a ceremony really quite special, and is designed to celebrate the joining of two individual people in marriage, and two families coming together.  The two taper candles are lit by family members, and passed to the Bride and Groom who join those two flames to light the central unity candle. These sets can be personalised especially for you and easily purchased online from a number of retailers.

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If you would like a personalised wedding ceremony that’s written just for you and tells your own love story please do get in touch.  Take a look at my Contact Me page or complete my Make an Enquiry form.  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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