FAQ About Celebrant Ceremonies

FAQ about Celebrant Ceremonies

Why choose a Celebrant and not a Local Authority Registrar?

  • Your perfect venue may not have a Civil Marriage Licence, so Council Registrars would not be able to perform a ceremony there.
  • Many couples are now choosing alternative, unusual places to exchange vows – their own gardens, woodlands, outdoor spaces – so their only option is a personal ceremony with a Celebrant!
  • If there is a Licence in place, then using the local Registrars is a viable option for many couples.  Be aware however, of the limitations in your ceremony, in the choice of wording, music and spiritual content for the ceremony as well as the restraints over where and how that ceremony takes place (must happen within a “permanent structure” and not in the open air … )
  • The venue’s hire fees plus those of the Registrars to come out and conduct the marriage may be prohibitive.
  • Think about using Air B&B, or self-catering properties that could host a large house-party and make a weekend of it with friends and family?  Once you stop looking at traditional ‘wedding venues’ you will find that there’s much more choice and your budget is going to stretch a great deal further!


Isn’t the Ceremony the Same?

  • A Celebrant will write a bespoke ceremony script just for you – no two ceremonies will be the same.  Registrars simply “fill in the gaps” of a standard ceremony script.
  • A personal Wedding Ceremony includes many different elements – your love story is told, you can choose symbolism like handfasting, ring-warming or a unity candle lighting – and more.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to write your own wedding vows to each other – with help from your Celebrant if needed.  You might get a choice of just 3 options using a Registrar.
  • Your Celebrant gets to know you as they plan your ceremony, and you’ll feel comfortable and prepared on the day itself.  You wouldn’t meet your Registrar until the big day itself.
  • A Rehearsal close to the wedding day is included in my peak season Friday/Saturday prices.
  • Every Celebrant tailors their ceremonies to each couple they work with to produce a bespoke script.  Some are intimate and brief, others longer and more complex but all will be personal!
  • I meet all my couples personally, and am often booked up months or even years before their Wedding Day.  We work together to produce the perfect ceremony that reflects you as a couple.
  • One of the main differences is that you can hold your Wedding Ceremony wherever you like and at whatever time you like.



How Much do you Charge?  

  • My prices differ depending on the day of the week and season.  As it’s a bespoke service, I’ll always gather as much information as I can about the type of ceremony and where you’re planning it, to give you a tailored quote especially if it’s out of season or further afield than my usual area.
  • My peak time fee includes unlimited contact with you, personally as well as via email, phone or Skype, and as many meetings and revisions to the script as we need, plus a rehearsal.  It takes hours of work to get to know you and produce and refine your script, and it’s such a different service to what you’d expect from a Registrar.
  • I always use a robust high quality PA system especially outdoors, as I know how frustrating it can be for a guest who cannot hear the ceremony (particularly your bespoke personal one!). This enables us to play music before and during the ceremony and means you don’t need to source a separate music player.  You can use a hand-held microphone to say your vows too.
  • There is always a bit of ‘stage management’ needed on the big day, and I’m happy to coordinate and liaise with all the other professionals you’ve hired for your wedding ceremony.


Is the Ceremony Legal?

  • A Celebrant-led wedding ceremony is not legal and binding – another way to describe it is your Wedding Blessing.  But your guests do not know any different (unless you want to tell them!)
  • Uk-based couples make their declaratory and contracting words at a Register Office before the big day and receive a marriage certificate in a ‘Registration only’ appointment with 2 witnesses.
  • International couples may have already taken part in a brief legal marriage many months before their ‘English Wedding Day’.   A few couples go to register their marriage afterwards.
  • The Ceremony that I create for you and your loved ones will be forever remembered as your Wedding Day.  Personal wedding ceremonies often touch your family and friends very deeply.


Is it a Humanist Ceremony?

  • No, I am completely independent and thus able to blend a number of different ideas (religious, secular, modern or traditional) into my scripts, without imposing my own views, creating the content and wording that reflects you.  Often, my couples have had a religious background or upbringing but can’t or don’t want to marry in a formal religious ceremony.  We can still incorporate symbolic rituals from your heritage (like breaking the glass, lighting candles, seven blessings) into your personal ceremony.


What do you Allow in the Ceremony?

  • Anything goes, in fact the more creative, the better!  Dog ring-bearers, Grandmas as flower-girls and couple karaoke is positively encouraged!
  • I adore performing outdoor weddings and luckily the weather isn’t usually an issue.  Have a back-up plan in case though!
  • We can include religious or spiritual prose alongside modern-day readings, hymns and popular songs, or best of all, live music.
  • Friends, relatives, your children, or even your pets may also take part in your ceremony.  Sometimes we get all the guests involved too!

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