Baby Naming Ceremonies

Baby Naming Ceremonies (or Baby Welcoming Ceremonies) are written and conducted by Tiny Toes Naming Days

baby naming ceremonies

Tiny Toes Naming Days

Tiny Toes Naming Days is a partnership between Katie Keen of True Blue Ceremonies and Louise Rogers of Family Farewells.

Louise and Katie are both experienced Independent Celebrants who write and deliver very personal and heartfelt ceremonies to clients and their families.  Katie has developed her business through conducting weddings and vow renewals, and Louise has had great success with her end of life ceremonies or funerals.

Both Celebrants noticed, and have reacted to an increase in people asking for non-religious ways of celebrating family events.  They understand that many families today do not follow a fixed religion but would still like to have a personal, meaningful ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge the arrival of a baby or child.

baby naming ceremonies

Naming Day Card and Script

Tiny Toes offer a Naming or Welcoming Ceremony as an alternative to a traditional baby’s Christening.  Louise and Katie are delighted to be collaborating with each other in this exciting new joint venture and have lots of different ideas for your Naming Ceremony!

baby naming ceremonies

Infant grasping mum’s finger

The great thing about our Baby Naming Ceremonies is that they can involve many other family members, as well as the special people chosen by the baby’s parents (GoodParents, OddParents, Mentors, Supporting Adults are just a few of the alternative Godparent names) and even pets or siblings of the baby!  We believe the day should be informal, relaxed and fun – just how we would want it.

A Naming Ceremony is a perfect way to introduce an adopted child into your wider circle of family and friends.  When two people re-marry, a Welcoming ceremony followed by a family party is also a great idea to announce the amalgamation of two step-families.

Usually a relaxed affair, they often take place in family homes or gardens, or village halls where a party will be held straight afterwards.

As with all our ceremonies, the Welcoming and Naming can be completely personalised to your child (or children), giving a unique one-off event that you will remember for years to come.

The best Baby Naming Ceremonies have lots of personal involvement, from writing promises to the child, to poetry, readings, songs and bubbles!

If you’d like to discuss a Naming Ceremony for your child, please visit the Tiny Toes website – or call Katie on 07986 121841.


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