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About Me – True Blue Ceremonies is owned and managed by me, Katie Keen. I am an Independent Wedding Celebrant and Family Celebrant, and I live in Kent with my family.


Katie Keen Independent Celebrant True Blue Ceremonies

I have always loved English literature, language and the written word from my early schooldays.  After further education and armed with some professional qualifications, I settled into an interesting and varied business career that took me all around the UK.  All the while, I continued with my own professional development, gaining management qualifications and business skills throughout my career, ending up as a Risk Management Consultant.

After I married, settled here in Kent and started my family I retrained to become a Registrar of Marriages for my local council, where I conducted and registered many hundreds of wedding and family ceremonies throughout the County. 


Quickly I discovered I absolutely loved the job, meeting so many different people and being part of someone’s special day was such a privilege and pleasure.  I have conducted hundreds of civil wedding ceremonies, same-sex civil partnerships, renewals of vows and a fair few baby welcomings too over the years!  Each one has been unique and special in different ways.


True Blue Ceremonies is the culmination of years of “on the job” research, working with some wonderful couples and indeed many friends who’ve asked me to conduct their own family ceremonies.

My ultimate goal is to help you have a truly bespoke and personal Ceremony, whether this is at a traditional venue like a hotel, or perhaps something a little different – a festival wedding, in a barn, on a beach, in a meadow, or your own back garden – the choice is yours!

 Why settle for a one-size fits all approach, when you can have your day the way you want?

You can reach me via email:  katie@trueblueceremonies.co.uk find me on Facebook www.facebook.com/trueblueceremonies and Twitter www.twitter.com/truebluecerems

follow me on Pinterest www.pinterest.com/TrueBlueCerems and Instagram http://instagram.com/trueblueceremonies

Phone 01622 832829 – 07986 121841 or complete the form on my Contact Me page.


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